Learning Visit of Hamee Enterprises Group

1. DDC welcomes HAMEE business delegation

This morning on January 11, 2020, the business delegation of the Ho Chi Minh City Mechanical and Electrical Enterprise Association organized a study tour program for successful enterprises

– Dai Dung Group. The delegation studied nearly 70 participants from 50 enterprises who are members of HAMEE. The leader of the delegation is Mr. Do Phuoc Tong

– Chairman of HAMEE and members who are representatives of the Board (General) Directors of enterprises.

2. DDC connection for mutual development

2.1 DDC shares the secret of success

Currently, Dai Dung is one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the field of high-tech steel structure production and mechanical engineering for the construction and key industries of the country. From DDC’s side, Chairman Trinh Tien Dung personally welcomed the visiting delegation and shared his experiences in the manufacturing business market over the past 25 years. What difficulties have been overcome to achieve today’s results, what needs to be removed and preserved to be able to build a growing business? The sharing of the Chairman of DDC has inspired enterprises to have more motivation to build a growing mechanical and electrical industry.

2.2 DDC and advantages

Dai Dung’s steel structure products have always met international standards and so far have been exported to 30 countries around the world due to the following factors: The staff is more than 3,000 people with many engineers and workers who are highly trained in technique and skills.Large-scale factory system including workshops specializing in the production of steel structures.

The system is equipped with modern machinery and applies the most advanced design software in the world.

Therefore, the works and projects performed by Dai Dung company always create satisfaction and high appreciation for quality from customers.

3. DDC orients to cooperate with HAMEE

With the slogan Connect – Cooperation – Joint Development of HAMEE, Dai Dung Group aims to cooperate and connect with many businesses in the Association.

Specifically, DDC cooperates in the field of purchasing machinery, production equipment, supplies and raw materials such as: Nahaviwel welding rods, Weldcom’s CNC machines, Son Vu’s plasma cutting machines, sandblasting and blasting systems. of Nguyen Gia company, etc….

On the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year, Mr. Do Phuoc Tong – Chairman of HAMEE sent his sincere thanks to Mr. Trinh Tien Dung for the thoughtful welcome.

Mr. Tong also wished Dai Dung collective to grow up, shoulder to shoulder with the world. He believes that DDC will become a solid symbol for businesses in the industry and the pride of Vietnamese enterprises.

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