Introduction to the PPG. Resistant Paint Material

At 8:30 a.m. on August 9, 2022 at Bach Dang Office – DDC took place a training session “Introduction to the new generation of fireproof paint PPG”.

1. Introduction – training session with the participation of PPG experts

PPG is one of the US manufacturers and suppliers of high-class industrial coatings, protective coatings and surface coating systems including:

  • Mr. Engr. Raymund Joseph P. Toledo – Regional FTS Manager – SEA: Lead Trainer.
  • Mr. Huynh Cong Tru – Technical Director of Vietnam, Thailand & CLM: Supported construction and technical issues of PPG fireproof paint during the training session.
  • Mr. Tran Duy Le – Sales Manager of Industrial Paints: Support and advice on PPG legal and transportation issues.
  • Together with you from management level to staff of departments – Project, Estimation, Engineering, Construction… of DDC to attend in person and online.

The training session – introduction of fireproof paint materials took place in a professional and exciting atmosphere because of the interaction, professional discussion in the spirit of learning, referencing product knowledge, solving problems. Issues arise during the production, transportation, construction and actual durability of Fire Resistant Paint when covering the surface of steel structures and components.

2. The content of the training session on Fireproof Paint Materials includes the following main items:

  1. Definition of Fire Retardant Paint.
  2. The importance of fireproof paint in industrial works.
  3. Mechanism of action & Chemical composition of Fire Retardant Paint
  4. The difference of PPG Fireproof Paint: Distinguish hard paint system and elastic paint system.
  5. PPG – Pitt Char – NX paint line: a new generation of elastic flame retardant paint system.
  6. PPG Fire Retardant Paint tests have passed the material safety metrics.
  7. Introduction of equipment & construction instructions Fireproof paint on steel structure surface.
  8. Parameters of fire temperature and fire time to protect steel structure of PPG fireproof paint.
  9. Passed PPG fire retardant paint standards
  10. Exchange and discuss production, construction, transportation, warranty and quote services related to Fire Resistant Paint.
  11. Summarize, declare the end of the training session.

The training session, introduction of fireproof paint materials is a useful program with the purpose of supplementing to improve knowledge and understanding about partners and show the professional spirit and high expertise of the DDC team.

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