The Beginning Project of Bopp Tu Phuong Factory

The project of Bopp Tu Phuong Factory (Long An) includes the following information:
  • Tu Phuong industrial cluster, Loi Binh Nhon commune, Tan An city, Long An
  • Investor: Plastic Chemical Joint Stock Company
  • Supervision: International Construction Management Consulting Joint Stock Company (ICMC)
  • Main construction: Dai Dung Trading Construction Mechanical Joint Stock Company
  • Subcontractor: Dinh Tan Construction Investment Joint Stock Company


  • Area: 40,000 m2
  • BOPP film production
  • Output is about 50,800 tons of products
  • Total investment capital: 1,000 billion VND
  • Commencement: 26/02/2020
  • Expected completion: 03/2021

-More details about the Project:

  • Plaschem Plastic Chemical Joint Stock Company invested VND 1,000 billion to build at Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory (Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory) phase 1.
  • It is expected that, when put into operation from March 2021, Tu Phuong BOPP film factory will produce 50,800 tons of products – Contributing to meeting the shortage of BOPP film demand in Vietnam (about 75-80 thousand tons). are imported from abroad).

***The factory has an area of ​​​​40,000m2 built in Tu Phuong Plastic Industry cluster, Tan An city, Long An province. (BOPP film products are an essential product that companies print, design, and apply for a variety of soft packaging for foods such as instant noodles, confectionery, coffee, etc. BOPP films are also used by companies. production packaging applied as plating film, laminating film on paper packaging, carton packaging, labels, book covers, magazines… In addition, BOPP film is also used for adhesive tapes on cartons, shirt bags. shirts, pants pockets, CD bags, cigarette packs, flower wraps, food wraps…)

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