CEO Message

Trịnh Tiến Dũng

Establishment in 1995, Dai Dung Group has grown up to become one of the Vietnam leading steel structure corporation that overcomes various obstacles through a spirit of overcoming challenges and the ability to create best values and optimize solutions for our domestic and international customers and business partners

Dai Dung Group will be firm despite of the volatile market situation, especially with the current complicated COVID-19 situation.

Based on business skills acquired from experience decades and more than 9 overseas branches & offices , Dai Dung is currently playing a leading role in the steel structure business sector in Vietna

Furthermore, we are constantly striving to improve our capabilities and competitiveness by increasing sales volume of our core products, diversifying our domestic supply to meet global demands and expanding our presence on regional and international markets.

We will do our best to enhance our organizational capabilities while pursuing sustainable growth and strengthening relationships with our esteemed customers and partners, in an ever-changing market.

Dai Dung will make more efforts to provide optimize values for customers and business partners.

Based on a healthy organizational culture and business experience, we are committed that all employees at Dai Dung, including myself, will provide you with optimal value by make the most of our capabilities and keep the highest competitiveness.

Furthermore, by applying fair and transparent values to our management, we will do whatever it takes to become your most trusted business partner.

I sincerely thank you for your trust and continued support for Dai Dung.

Thank you.